If you’re a YouTube blogger, 2021 is a great time to live - and this is a great web page to be on! Right here we will offer you a great way to create something you likely don't have - your shiny new website!

“Why do I even need a website?” You could ask.

Website is your Home Base.

The place where you set the rules and gather friends. This could be a simple page about you or complex website with all kinds of media, e-store, members-only content and hub to all of your social media accounts.

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Some reasons (with cats:)

Play Video

Get more exposure
on the web


Get more exposure
on the web

Your website is where your personal brand is shown, making you recognizable for both people and search engines!

Host private or unlisted videos




They could be accessed either as members-only content or via password protected page and you decide to whom you give it.

Earn more


Paid content, donations, subscriptions paid publications, context ads or banners, or even a real web shop. You choose.

Where all roads intersect



Your followers from whatever social networks you use can see all your channels in one place and discover new ways to follow you!

Sell merch or anything



Yeah, that’s right, your merch right here on your website. Or maybe you want to sell something else. No problem!

Organize your content


You can structurize your videos and other content to create dedicated pages for certain categories. Once your viewer is interested, he will keep watching on and on.

Increase engagement


Providing users with variable types of content has proven to expand the reach about 2x fold

Get more activity
on affiliate links


In blog posts for your videos you can add a wider variety of affiliate links and structurize content for your followers to increase engagement

Keep them on your content


When viewers watch your embedded YouTube videos on your web page, they will stay within your content and will not be distracted by similar videos from other authors.


Better seen than told

Here some specially designed Website Concepts for Youtube Channels. They are all included in $24 price as well as our 6 month of tech support and infinite love. If something goes wrong we’ll give you back your money in 2-weeks period with no questions asked.

Teach and create as only true masters could

Share your expertise on YouTube and connect with subscribers via website

Popular science or entertaining educational videos for kids? Yes, this is a great choice

You have a talent, we have a design concept for you. Perfect match!

Travel light, share tips and beautiful photographs ;)

Minecraft Gamer

Isn’t it the thing you always dreamed about? Your own temple of minecraft on the web!

Enjoy and share the happiest moments of your life

Do something exceptional and show the world how you do it

Healthy breakfast or delicious dinner – easy. Be a Master Chef of your own kitchen.

Beauty Blog

Share your techniques and skills with your followers using this crafted interface.


So, sport and health is your passion you wanna share with others? Great choice.


This fantastic website concept is full of motion as fitness influencer should be


Superstar already or just plan to start, this prank concept is good for you.


Renowned journalist or rising star, we did the job for you. Just add your brilliant interview videos.


Great design concept if you like to make things by yourself and share the knowledge.

14 days to decide if you like it*

Still deciding?

Then let's have some technical talk!

Post playlists

Easily create video playlist and make your content more visualized, alive and attractive using the Video Playlist widget.

Configure almost any aspect of the look and feel of your video playlists.

Add needed amount of items and customize list displaying using handy options for each setting.

Play Video

Minimize on

You scroll down but selected video follow your screen in a bottom left corner. Fantastic!

Easily embed video sliders on your page. Add YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Self Hosted videos.

Choose Cover Image and add Title, Subtitle and Author if needed.

Set the desired Slide effect: Slide, Fade, Cube, Coverflow or Flip.

Customize the Navigation, Sliding Time, and many other additional options.

Style the Info Box, set the Info displaying – Title, Subtitle and Author can be styled the way you need.

Video slider

Stream and Chat

Display the live video and chat using powerful Video Stream widget.

Pick one of the world’s biggest video hosting services, copy the URL and paste it in the widget.

Configure any aspect of the look and feel of your streams.

So, popular channel and good website make a marvelous bundle, isn’t it?

No special skills, no special people needed to set up and run it. Cool predesigned Website Concepts and tons of presets are included in one small one-time price! It’s like magic!

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